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The application process means extremely much. How do you admit the right ones? And how do you maintain the interest of the students after they applied? YoungCRM is built to give a good experience for both recruiters and applying students by making the process visual, simple and interactive.


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Create your own admission forms


Every educational institution has it owns criteria to applicants. Some need to include an personal statement. and others need the personal acceptance and information of parents.

In YoungCRM it is easy to design your own tailored admission form. You can create your own data fields or use our default fields. For each field added to the form, there are some editing options. For instance, you can add a short description to the fields so people know how to fill them out.

An admission form made in YoungCRM is always good looking and aligned with your brand, e.g. you can add logo, cover photo and default color background.

Learn valuable insights based on data from your new entries


It is important to use data to analyse the student admission processes. How did students get there? What is the demographic segmentation? And what characterises the average student of a specific programme?

When you learn valuable insights based on data from your entries, it will become easier for you to change elements in your future student admission process and find potential gabs of the way you recruit.

Efficient management of applications


How many applications have arrived? Where are your team in the process? And who have you communicated with? YoungCRM makes it easy to get a transparent overview of your application and streamline it.

  • Send notification to selected colleagues, when new applications arrive
  • If you want to let a colleague see an application – just tag
  • Change the status of the applicants, when next step is required

Make your screening
intelligent and cooperative


To make screening more intelligent, it is possible to set up different matching criteria that automatically provide an indication of which applications are best suited to the general requirements. To make this happen, you set up your own questions in the admission form and rate the possible answers in advance.

Another important feature of YoungCRM is that it make your team cowork in the screening process. You can e.g. see how other colleagues rate prospects and in which parameters that you disagree. This will align your screening and make it faster.


Give a great experience for applying students


Students are being encouraged to apply many schools, colleges or universities at the same time. For you, this means that the recruitment is not done, when you are screening. To secure, you stay the first choice, you need to align your application process with the preference of applying students.

  • Let applicants get an user profile, where they can see and update their information
  • Show personal interest with test and video answering in your admission form
  • Send an automatically message, when your change the status of your applicants
  • Get a nudge, if you take too much time responding to applicants.

More ways to use YoungCRM

Enrolment is one of many ways to use YoungCRM. Read about more ways to use YoungCRM below.

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