Student Admission Software

The Application Process

The application process means extremely much. How do you admit the right ones? And get all the right information? And how do you stay the first choice if students apply many schools at the same time? YoungCRM is built to give a good experience for both the admission team and applying students by making the process fast, communicative and personal. YoungCRM is built to give a good experience for both the admission team and applying students by making the process fast, communicative and personal.

Build application forms


In the Student Attraction Platform it is easy to design your own tailored admission form. You can create your own data fields or use our default fields. For each field added to the form, there are some editing options. For instance, you can add a short description to the fields so people know how to fill them out.

An admission form made in the Platform is always good looking and aligned with your brand, e.g. you can add logo, cover photo and default color background.


See video

Include contents and terms


Collect more data about the students than you would get in a “regular” application with test consisting of predefined questions. Use our default tests, which focus at the students personality, work style, motivation, behaviour and preferred study surroundings or make your own test, where you predefine the score of how attractive every answer is for you, e.g. in scale from 1-10.

Make students record a video essay


A traditional way to meet up with potential students is at education fairs or open house. At these events, you can share your brochures and give the right information face to face.

A way to use events strategically is by leading interested visitors into your CRM, e.g. by bringing an iPad or PC and make people sign up for more information. In this way, you can build future relationsship with the prospective students and let them remember you after the events.

Give students access to a private profile



 Give applying students access to a personal profile by mail

 Let applying students use the profile to make conversations with your team, like in Facebook Messenger

 Let students administrate update their own personal information

 Let students see the uploaded video essays

Send automated messages to applicants


With our platform it is possible for you to create beautiful landing pages all by yourself – without the need for web designers – and use the pages to direct visitors directly into the CRM.

  • You can make specific landing pages to promote specific educations
  • You can make a landing page for people signing up to your open house event
  • You can make landing pages in different languages to target international students