Review applicants


In YoungCRM, you can easily manage and screen the applications sent by the students to your school, college or university.


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Keep track


 Get a simple overview of your application pool and sort the view of the fields you want to be shown, e.g. name, status, rating and geography

Let the system send a notification to selected colleagues when new applications arrive or if the status of the applicant is changed

Send a nudge, if an admission officer takes too much time responding to the application process.


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Applicant viewer


Collect all personal data, application files, and communication in one place and get a great overview of each applicant.

Let team members work together in the applicant viewer: They can tag each other, write comments and see each other’s interactions and communication with the applicant.


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360 degrees rating


 To find the most qualified, each admission officer can give applicants a rating score, e.g. based on their personal essay, recommendations, GPA or video essay. If you choose different rating parameters, you will automatically get an overall score of the student.

Another way to review students is to get an automatic match score of how suited an applicant is for the education programme. To get this score, you can define your own criteria, e.g. what is most preferred interest, locations, course preferences and personal skills. For every chosen criterion, you will get a score of 0-100 %.


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Create a list with most qualified students


In YoungCRM you can segment students based on specific filters you select, e.g. age, uploaded files, profile match, and zip code.

Use the filters before reviewing applicants to make sure that you exclude applicants who do not match your entry requirements.
Use the filters after the reviewing applicants to create a list of the most qualified students.


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Get insights of your applicant pool


Insight reports is an analysis tool directly integrated into YoungCRM, which will show you daily, weekly or monthly statistics about the people you have collected via YoungCRM. For instance, it tells you who they are and where they come from.

Insight report is a great tool for the admission team to analyze if you are short of a specific type of students for your programme, e.g. based on gender, geographic or demographic, and need to make an effort to create more diversity.


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