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The application process means extremely much. How do you admit the right ones? And get all the right information? And how do you stay the first choice if students apply many schools at the same time? YoungCRM is built to give a good experience for both the admission team and applying students by making the process fast, communicative and personal.

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Admission forms


In the Student Attraction Platform it is easy to design your own tailored admission form. You can create your own data fields or use our default fields. For each field added to the form, there are some editing options. For instance, you can add a short description to the fields so people know how to fill them out.

An admission form made in the Platform is always good looking and aligned with your brand, e.g. you can add logo, cover photo and default color background.

Applicant Tracking Software


In the platform all personal data, application files and communication are collected in one place. This give the admission team a great overview of the applications.


Activity tab

It is easy for team members to collaborate in the screening process. Team members can tag each other in the platform, write comments and see every time a team members interacts with a certain applicant, e.g. open the application.


To screen the student, every team member can give the applicant a rating score, e.g. how qualified the applicant is for the school. This make it possible to get a list of students with the best overall score. It is always up to to specific admission team to decide which rating parameters they choose to rate the applicants by.

Profile match

Another way to screen students is to get an automatic match score of how suited an applicant is for the school. To get this score, you can insert your own questions about personal skills or specific interest in the admission form and rate the possible answers in advance from 1-10.

Automate the screening

To automate the screening process, the system will send a notification to selected colleagues, when new applications arrive and send a nudge, if the colleagues take too much time responding to new applications.

To improve the communication with the applicants, you can setup different standard mails which you can use for rejections or new enrollments. To personalise the mail, you can insert short codes, e.g. the name of the applicant, and write a personal message to the applicant.

Video essays


More and more universities and colleges give the option for applicants to submit a video essay. Some schools even allow students to submit a video instead of the written application.

By using video application, students get the opportunity to be creative, straightforward and show their personality. Also, this makes the selection more human and joyful for the recruiter. It’s a win-win situation.

To make it easy for the students to upload or record a video presentation, you can ask them specific questions about different topics. It is always your own choice how many video recordings you allow the student to upload and how long each time frame are.

So let the students start recording!

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By bringing lead tools, CRM, marketing and admission together, the Student Attraction Platform is the complete solution to streamline and efficient your student recruitment.