Screen applicants and give a great candidate experience

The application process means extremely much. How do you screen in a fast and human way? And how do you stay the first choice if candidates apply many companies at the same time? The Talent Recruitment Platform gives you the best tools to screen candidates and is built to give a great experience for both recruiters and applying candidates.

Collect all information


To make the screening of candidates as smooth as possible, the Talent Recruitment Platform collects all personal data, application files, ratings, communication and activities about the candidate in one place.

Sort your applicants 


When you screen applicants, you need tools to find applicants who match the criteria for the job. In the platform you can make your own filters or use our default filters and get a list of applicants with the right qualifications. Example: You need an applicant who both can speak German and Danish. The perfect applicant is also required to have more than 5 years of work experience. By selecting the right filters, you will get a specific list of the most qualified applicants.

Rate the candidates


To screen an applicant, every team member can give the applicant a rating score, making it possible to get a list of candidates with the best overall score. Before you start rating, your team need to decide what specific rating parameters that is important for the job, e.g. personality, competencies and work experience By choosing you own rating parameters, you will be able to find a better match.

Get a profile match score


To screen candidates you can get an automatic match score of how suited an applicant is for the job. To get this score, you can insert your own questions about personal skills or specific interest in company and rate the possible answers in advance.


Collaborate with your team


It is easy for team members to collaborate in the screening process. Team members can tag each other in the platform, write comments and see every time a team members interacts with a certain applicant, e.g. open the application.

To automate the screening process, the system will send a notification to selected team members, when new applications arrive and send a nudge, if a team member take too much time responding to new applicants.

Application forms


In the Talent Recruitment Platform you can create applications form with a drag-and-drop builder.

To get the right information of the applicants, you can insert our default fields or create your own data fields. For each field added to the form, there are some editing options. For instance, you can add a short description to the fields so people know how to fill them out.

An application form made in the system is always good looking and aligned with your brand, e.g. you can add logo, cover photo and default color background.

Easy communication


To improve the communication with the applicants, you can setup different standard e-mails, e.g. make sure that candidates applying for a job receives a receipt for their application and that candidates get a rejection mail after you have selected other candidates to the job interview.

To make the mail personal, you can insert short codes, e.g. the name of the applicant or the specific vacancy. You can also choose to write a personal message to the applicant. By giving a more personal feedback to the applicant, you will improve your employer brand and influence the applicant to apply again. If a candidate has great qualifications, you can ask the applicant to join your talent bank.

Applicant videos


An applicant video gives candidates the opportunity to be creative, straightforward and show their personality. Also, this makes the selection process more human and joyful for the recruiter. It’s a win-win situation.

In Talent Recruitment Platform candidates can upload or record a video presentation in the application form. To make the video recording easier to manage for the candidate, you can ask them specific questions about different topics. It is always your own choice how many video recordings you allow the applicant to upload and how long each time frame are.

So let applicant start recording!

Personal profiles for applicants


With the new GDPR it is important that you give applicants access to a personal profile, where they can see, update or delete the personal information they have giving to your company. A personal profile in the platform also give applicants access to make direct conservations with your team. This is a great tool if a candidate has any questions about the application process.

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By bringing ATS, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding together, the Talent Recruitment Platform is the complete solution to streamline and efficient your candidate recruitment.