Manage Talent Acquisition and grow your talent pool

With the Talent Recruitment Platform, you will get tools to attract the most talented candidates. To manage the talent acquisition, the platforms helps you to generate leads, make specific target groups, create recruitment campaigns and get insights of your acquisition efforts.

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Lead Generating


Lead generation is the process of collecting contact information from prospective candidate to let them join your talent pool. To generate leads, you can embed your own forms on your website. You can also generate leads at job fairs and other events, where you can make people sign up by bringing a laptop/iPad.

For companies regulated by the GDPR, the platform helps you to get an explicit consent of the data subject that he or she agrees with the terms to join your talent pool. 

Manage your Talent Pool


To manage your leads, you need a Candidate Relationship Management system (CRM). The CRM gives you a transparent overview of the status of potential candidates, keep track of who is who and streamline your communication across colleagues.

Get an overview of every candidate

In the CRM you will get a transparent overview of every potential candidates by collecting all personal information in a candidate card. You can see every application the candidate has send to you. You can see every interaction that your team members have had with the candidate. You can see which terms that the candidate has agreed for to let you keep the personal data. And you can see how your team members have rated the candidate.

Make your own workflow

When you are using workflows, you will create different phases in the flow, e.g. define how much interest the candidate has shown in your organisation. When the “status” of a person changes, you can change this in the system with a few clicks. Besides this, you can connect users of the system with specific workflows. This means that you can set yourself or a colleague as responsible for managing a specific phase of the recruitment.

Segment the candidates

In the CRM, you can divide people into different segments or target groups to manage a specific group of candidates and create your own filters to include and exclude candidates by specific parameters.

Communicate 1:1

You can make conversations with a person directly through YoungCRM. In this way you can skip the part of setting up an email client. All your team members conversations with a candidate are collected in the same place. This make it easy to streamline the communication of your team.

Create email campaigns


In the Talent Recruiter Platform it is easy to engage candidates with effective email campaigns. To target the emails you can choose to use one of your predefined segments or make a new target groups by choosing your own filters.

The system makes you design your own e-mails with a drag-and-drop builder, where you can insert elements from the bar to the right, e.g. add pictures, videos, links, button and text. You can also insert cover pictures and background colours to align the mail with your brand. It is very easy and looks great fast.

It is also possible to manage email campaigns without investing a lot of man power by setting up the entire mail flows, so that messages runs automatically, when a person submits a form on your website, clicks a link in an email or get added to a new segment. By automating your marketing, you can save time and hit the right people with the right message at the right time.


Plan your talent acquisition


In YoungCRM you can create statistics that automatically shows you information about the candidates that you collect, e.g. demographic, geography and interests.

It takes some time to walk through all the data YoungCRM Insight generates, but this is worthwhile as the knowledge gained is a great way to improve your recruitment efforts, e.g. make your sure that you appeal to the right target groups.

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By bringing ATS, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding together, the Talent Recruitment Platform is the complete solution to streamline and efficient your candidate recruitment.